Help the Healing was started in 2008 in memory of my wife Teresa A. (Babbitt) Dodson.  She was the type of person who was there to help others in their time of need, if she could.

  Teresa was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2005.  It was a 7 cm tumor on the frontal lobe of her brain, but it didn't start there, it was breast cancer that had traveled.  Then it went to her spine and femur eventually back to her brain.  And all during this , my wife never asked "Why Me"?  She would just say she would rather it be her than one of her children.  That was the person Teresa was!

  Teresa lost her battle to cancer September 2, 2006 at home, with her family and friends at her side and in her heart.  Though the emotional and financial burden was noticed from the start, as we went to appointments and surgeries in Rochester, Buffalo and Olean, we had the support of family and friends.  That was very much appreciated and at times relieving.

  We were very fortunate that I had a good job and that we had good insurance. As we went to appointments and talked with others fighting this type of battle, we found that many5 were not as fortunate when it came to a job or insurance.  Some of the families had both members working to make ends meet before they became sick and then their income was cut in half.  We found that with the help of family and fiends that our fight was not alone and supported by many.

  From this help, we started "HELP THE HEALING"  which helps others with a check for whatever they may need.  The money goes to the people or families that really need the help, all in our area.  We, as caring friends and family, have always supported each other through some type of benefit and with your continued support we help those who we know and those we have yet to meet.  You can see some of those that helped make this happen on this site.

  Our Bike Ride/Poker Run goes through our area and will be the 2nd Saturday of July each year, to raise funds for those in need.

  We would like to thank each and everyone for your Continued Support.

  Ortaville "Bud" Dodson



AnnaMaries Gifts of Newport, NH will donate 20% from the sale to the "Help the Healing" fund.

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Bud Dodson @ 585.593.2626 or Darlene Smith @ 585.593.3021

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